The talk

Sun kissed, she wakes up to the morning light. Today’s morning was no different from the others, for she wakes up to the very thought that she has every day.

“Would he say it to me today?”

It’s been a few weeks that this question is being resonating in her head every now and then. Even in her dreams she would wonder and try to find answers. ‘Funny how that works!’ she always thought.

That boy she is smitten with was the only thing that seemed to matter more in her world of mayhem.

She was clearly mesmerized by every bit of him. His eyes, his messy hair, his gait though weird she found it amazingly cute.

She still lay in her bed when she heard a little cry at the edge of her bed. She worked her leg towards the voice and there she stood gazing at him.

He lay there eyes shining bright with a cover of tear. She picks him off his cradle into her arms. The boy finds comfort and a smile draws across his face.


Thunderstruck she stared deeply onto him and happiness fills her. ‘He did it’ ‘He said it!’

‘My baby just called me mama!’

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