Roan could feel the wind against his face and he felt as if he was flying. He absolutely loved this feeling and in the greed of wanting more he would hit the pedals harder, making himself move forward with more momentum. Apart from football and fishing with his dad, he enjoyed cycling the most.

Roan’s mother would always warn him to stay closer to the neighborhood. But this boy of 12 loved riding his bike often to new places. Roan’s new founded place being the small village closer to his neighborhood was one such place he was often warned not to go to. He never understood his mother’s concern for he saw the place to be beautiful and he was eventually drawn to visit the place regularly.

Today was his third visit and the place looked heavenly with the sun sinking down and casting long shadows along the path he rode. A sudden realization hit him that it was getting late than usual. He wanted to pedal hard and turn back, but he was too tired to do so as the sun had drained him down and he was now thirsty.

As the sun kept sinking, Roan saw the place getting darker and he was constantly being reminded of his mother’s warnings. He tried to ignore them and thought, “Maybe I could ask someone for a glass of water in the village. Surely they would help me”. With that he walked with his bike towards the lane that led into the village.

With each step into the village he was being caught up with an eerie feeling as the place was unusually silent. To add to the creepiness, the place was poorly lit with only a few lampposts that provided rays of dim light. Roan tried hard to shake off his feelings and he made his pace quicker.

As he went deeper into the village, he distantly heard mumbling and whispers. “There are people nearby” he thought smiling. Nearing the source of sound, he found himself to be walking slowly and carefully. Roan was now trembling in fright as he saw a group of older boys in the corner of a shed. They were three of them. One among them being muscular and taller than the other two. Their hair was out of place and their clothes looked shabby. All three were smoking cigarettes and he could now hear them laughing and cooing. These were exactly those type of boys that his parents had warned him to stay away from. Although Roan never gave it a thought, today however he was feeling more afraid. He hung his head low and walked reminding himself to not to look at them.

However, within a few a steps he could feel himself looking directly at them. Roan stopped dead as the muscular guy among the three looked towards him and nudged the guy nearby to say something that made them all chuckle. They put their cigarettes down in a hurry and walked towards Roan. Roan stood motionless with fear gripping him as he saw the three of them march towards him laughing. As he heard them laugh again Roan withdrew his hands from his bike and leaped forward for a run.

He found himself trying too hard to run but nothing seemed to move and he realized that one of them had grabbed his shirt from the back. “Haha this little prick is so light! I could toss him off right away” said the one grabbing Roan’s shirt. Roan turned is head back to see the three of them surrounding him as the muscular one among them held his shirt. With tears pouring down his cheeks Roan managed “Please let me go”. “Let me go he says. Haha. How dare you even set your foot here! We don’t entertain new turd faces like you!”

“I am sorry. Please let me go” Roan cried trying to free himself. As he did so one of the thinner guys gave him a blow at his head that made him fall down, facing the ground. Roan heard them laughing at him as he lay down there helpless. With his body still on the ground he raised his head and at a distance he saw an older man hammering a nail at his door.

With a hope of getting some help Roan yelled “Help! Please help me”. But to his utter surprise the old man didn’t even flinch at his cry. Roan yelled again with all his might “Help me! Please” and within seconds he felt another blow that made his head go even low. Everything around him now seemed blurry and Roan felt himself losing his senses as he no longer seemed to hear anything.

“Get up boy”. The voice, Roan noticed was different also it seemed like someone was now holding him in their arms. Roan opened his eyes slowly and the face that stared back at him was the old man’s. “I am sorry kiddo. I am a deaf old man. It’s when I saw I realized those boys were troubling you. Are you feeling okay now?”

Roan nodded and motioned his thumb towards his mouth “water” he managed saying.

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