The one person in our life whom we take for granted and are yet somehow oblivious to this fact. Why does it take a special day or special circumstances to make us aware of Her and her immense role in our lives? Even as I say this, I am equally in guilt as the rest of you now reading for I too have failed to notice and appreciate Her being there for me always. Maybe that’s what makes us look past the things and herself, she being there for us always.

One could argue she’s a Mom and she has to be around. What if that changes?

What if you lost the most important aspect of your life?

Can’t possibly picture that, could you? This life of ours, we owe it to Her. And yet She doesn’t ask much from us.

So what are you waiting for ? Go give Her a hug and let her know how much She means to you !


Bound by norms and held by values

Choked by thoughts that hold no coherence.

She lay there helpless, scared and caged.

Walls of prudent and duress laws surrounds

To repress and fill her with abhorrence.

She lay there helpless, scared and caged.

Yet her dreams see no boundaries

Reaching to her break point

And still bearing it all no further.

She raises as a phoenix, no more scared and no more caged.