The one person in our life whom we take for granted and are yet somehow oblivious to this fact. Why does it take a special day or special circumstances to make us aware of Her and her immense role in our lives? Even as I say this, I am equally in guilt as the rest of you now reading for I too have failed to notice and appreciate Her being there for me always. Maybe that’s what makes us look past the things and herself, she being there for us always.

One could argue she’s a Mom and she has to be around. What if that changes?

What if you lost the most important aspect of your life?

Can’t possibly picture that, could you? This life of ours, we owe it to Her. And yet She doesn’t ask much from us.

So what are you waiting for ? Go give Her a hug and let her know how much She means to you !



Life seemed dark.

Everything around him lost its color.

He then did something magical.

The black now turned to yellow.

He smiled.

P.S.  The video is a short movie made by my friends, which now truly inspires me at the moment 🙂



I often come across various quotes and sayings wherein people praise the ability to be vulnerable. It states that being vulnerable is a way to open your hearts and mind to a level wherein you deeply understand the fundamentals of emotions and life. And that vulnerability is misunderstood as futile and weakness.

We are species who can feel and understand emotions with time. We learn about life and its fundamentals whilst we grow old, whilst we grow with life. While vulnerability comes along, is it necessary though?

It truly amazes me how a certain person or certain circumstances can take control over you and make you vulnerable in no time. Becoming emotionally strong is a big deal that does come after being vulnerable. But when you have spent time and effort to be strong enough, later only to realize you are as vulnerable as you were before simply highlights weakness and you sit back wondering that you might have lived under the delusion of being emotionally strong all these years. So considering vulnerability as a weakness seems legit and so shall I count it as one.

Thus after all vulnerability seems to be a glitch.



Nothing to last forever

For time being clever

Let’s cherish the present

For happiness to augment

Day turns night

Summer turns winter

Friends turn foe

Love turns hate

Moment turn memories

Life turns death

So are people to transmute

And to revamp may be shy

Let’s not squander time

And bid a good bye!



While the right to education may be crucial, are we really given the right to dream or the right to pursue what we always wished for? In a country where society’s norms are considered to be more important than an individual’s ideas or interests, hearts are meant to be broken.

It’s not you who decides your future, it’s the society. Yep, the society of  family and relatives who thrust their ideas and dreams on a poor soul than giving the child to dream and evolve of its own.

I wanted to study arts and wanted a degree in designing. Basically wanted something that the society states to give me future with less money. And with money being quite vital, the equation “money=happiness” is widely accepted.
So with dreams like mine, they were ought to be crushed and as always I am forced to do doing something I never wanted to and yes my life is filled with regrets.

This video here gives an insight of every such child in this country and has made my mushy. To all the fellow bloggers who are parents or wish to become one, here is a piece of advice-


The Bucket list


Life is like a bucket, you fill it with your happiness, experiences, memories, emotions, yada yada yada and when the bucket still remains half empty, you sit down to write down your bucket list. Things you want to do more than you just wish to, things that you are not sure of achieving yet want a hand upon it, things that might be silly yet satisfy in giving you a bliss, and a lot of such stuffs.

It is not a mere paper having words scribbled on it, but it’s more. It is a motivator. I call it a motivator because when you put down things you want to achieve, somewhere you trust yourself to accomplish it. Think about getting up and having a look at your bucket list every morning with a hope to strike of one of the points. It sure does motivate you this way to get off your couch and make it happen.

And when I say the bucket list is your motivator, it’s actually not the list but you. Think about it, for YOU wrote it down. YOU motivate YOU. So off I go to make my own bucket list for the first time ever.…